Driven by the material (colored pencils) and searching for subjects by wich light raid, shadow, colours, details and precision are playing an important part. I'm alomst every day busy with drawing.

Coming from a "drawing-family" (grandfather Adank has won the "Breda Awards of Artdrawing" three times in a row (1896-1897 and 1898) and my own father was no painter/artist/drawing-teacher without merit too. I uphold the tradition. I was already drawing at a very young age. During the many walks around the forests of Breda (Mastbos) with my grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and many others, I made (according to my grandmother) hundreds of drawings in the sand with the first branch I could find. Always only drawing, drawing and drawing. "He will certainly becoming a drawing artist" my grandmother always said.

After the elementary and continuation school it wasn't strange that I started studying at the Academy of Visual Arts "St. Joost" in Breda (Section Publicity and Graphical Arts) and at the School of Graphical Subjects in the city of Utrecht. Both schools I ended with succes. After I passed the exams for teacher in Drawing and Handworks in Utrecht/Tilburg and Eindhoven.

During my work in a printing-company, speciality color-retouching, I learned to look at the smallest details of drawing and coloring, so the precision work.

From 1976 until 2011 as a teacher in drawing, handwork, window-dressing an publicity in Rotterdam, I tried to pass the "detail", the precision work, to my students.

But (drawing) blood is thicker than water, so during 1999 I'm busy drawing again, almost every day. Daily subjects by wich, as said, light raid, shadow, colors, detail and precision are playing an important role. An almost photographical approach is nearly always a "must" for me.

Just with (dry) colored pencils! Layer, after layer, after layer...lovely works.Often it is a struggle with the tools to find the exact reproduction. But that is just so fascinating and defiant!